Aesthetic medicine

The assessment of what is beautiful depends on the subjective ideal of the beholder. In particular, the external ageing process induces in many people the desire to retain some of their youthfulness.

Aesthetic medicine can help slow down the physical ageing process. Here holistic approaches are needed, which by changing body awareness and showing ways to healthier lifestyles, maintain vitality as well as physical and mental freshness.

The sooner a person concerns his or herself with this subject, the more effective and positive the results will be. "Better ageing" instead of "anti-ageing"!

We are happy to advise in detail on this subject. In this case please arrange a special appointment.

Aesthetic plastic surgery


Dissatisfaction with the external shape of the nose is often a reason to visit the specially trained plastic surgeon. All aspects of an operational change in the external shape of the nose will be discussed in detail in a consultation free of charge. Frequently, patients also have functional problems to be tackled, which then leads to a single operation to improve the nose functionally and aesthetically. The cost of the aesthetic part of the surgery is not usually covered by public health insurance and therefore a special treatment contract is required. This means the costs have to be met by the patient privately. After treatment the patient receives a separate invoice regulated by the medical fee schedule (GOÄ-fee scale for doctors).

Plastic ear correction and ear otoplasty

This sort of ear does not suit everybody!

The most common form of deformity of the outer ear is the "protruding ear".

Especially a distinct asymmetry of the ears is perceived as ugly and disfiguring. Oversized ears and structural irregularities in the ear can be corrected well and without much trouble these days. Various ear malformations are known, sometimes in combination with hearing loss, unilateral deafness and / or the tendency to frequent inflammations of the auditory canals. Protruding and malformed ears are not seldom inherited and often significantly affect the external appearance. Especially children with such a disadvantage are subject to teasing and often suffer more from their protruding ears than their parents imagine. During puberty, the problem often then gnaws at self-confidence and therefore the resulting mental disturbance should not be taken lightly.

We are happy to advise you on this issue.

The surgical correction of children's ears should, if possible, be carried out before they start school. Of course, the procedure is also possible at any later time. The sooner the problem is solved however, the better mental stress can be avoided. The surgery is normally performed under general anaesthesia, but adults can also be operated under local anaesthetic. Various techniques are used, adapted to the individual problem and cartilage structure. The surgery does not usually require hospitalisation.

No pain is to be expected!

The modern and gentle surgical and microsurgical approach also leads to a fast and problem-free healing process. The aim of the operation is to ensure a natural, permanent and very good result without visible scars.

The success of the treatment depends on the long experience, excellent qualifications and constant advanced training of the surgeon. The costs of plastic and aesthetic procedures are now covered by the statutory health insurance only in exceptional cases.

Upon request, we will help you with the clarification of the question of cost reimbursement with your health insurance.

Wrinkle Treatment / Anti-Ageing

The treatment of facial wrinkles and those resulting from gravity, as well as the treatment of sun-damaged skin (solar elastosis), is an individual health service and part of the activities of our practice. As a first step, a detailed consultation is made to make the necessary analysis of the problem areas. A customised treatment plan is then created together with the patient. In particular, the personal circumstances and eating habits are considered in developing the plan.

For treatment there are, depending on the indications, plenty of secure and time-tested medications. For example, botulinum toxin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, polylactic acid products etc., are used.
The initial consultation is free. 

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