In our specialist field screening is extremely useful to determine the individual risk profile.
The larynx can be very easily endoscopically surveyed. The screening takes only a few seconds and involves little inconvenience. The knowledge gained, however, is considerable!

Smokers, even those who stopped long ago, should undergo this check at least once a year. At the same time the mucosa of the entire mouth and pharynx is inspected. The early detection of suspicious tissue changes can often save lives. Especially when abnormal conditions are discovered early, minimal intervention, often ambulatory, is often sufficient to create safety from disease.

Also people who suffer from heartburn should have a laryngoscopy at least once a year in order to discover tissue changes in time.

The thyroid gland is also easily accessible for checkups. With ultrasonics it can be easily determined whether enlargements, nodular or cystic changes exist. If changes are detected, then further selected diagnostic procedures can be initiated.

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