Tinnitus treatment

When tinnitus dominates life

Ringing in the ears is known to nearly everyone. Sometimes we hear a beeping or buzzing in the ear, often only for a few seconds, which, fortunately, normally disappears quickly. Such ear noise can occur after concerts with loud music. This is usually a temporary irritation of the ear. It should disappear by the next morning.

If an ear noise remains more than 24 hours, an ENT doctor should be sought immediately! Unfortunately there are also those who are very often or constantly plagued by tinnitus. This can lead to disturbances when falling asleep and / or sleeping through the night with serious consequences for the following day, which can sometimes gravely affect professional and family life.

The impaired quality of life is then often lasting and can lead to psychological problems. Often it is only after a long ordeal that the person concerned comes into the care of a specialist doctor.

What you should know about tinnitus

First, it is actually a disease and not just a mood disorder!

Ear noises are not "imaginary"! Not infrequently, the development of tinnitus has a lot to do with individual perception. The tinnitus patient must be taken seriously by his social environment and must not feel marginalised and ridiculed. The ENT doctor together with other specialists will initially seek organic causes for this impairment of health. If there are hearing and understanding problems, this often means that the hearing organ itself is damaged. Metabolic and hormonal disorders can be contributing factors as can functional problems in some areas, such as the spine, teeth and/or the TMJ (temporomandibular or jaw joints).

Numerous treatment options are checked and an individual treatment plan is then drawn up to effect the disappearance of the unpleasant tinnitus, or at least to make it retreat into the background. Sometimes improving sleep behaviour by eliminating mechanical barriers in the upper respiratory tract is enough to achieve a sustainable and lasting improvement.

A new and very promising treatment method is adaptive neuromodulation / controled reset (ANM/CR), which, especially for chronic tinnitus, produces very good results. In this case the patients are provided with specially programmed sounds (neuromodulators) which are heard, an hour at a time, over an extended period. The generators stimulate certain nerve cells of the brain that are responsible for hearing and delete the offending noises by and by. These systems are very small and comfortable to wear.

In my practice, this highly advanced procedure is offered as are all other approved treatment options. In addition, we can of course also apply alternative treatment to a functional cause of tinnitus. If you are affected by tinnitus, we can advise you and find the appropriate method of treatment.

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