Operations on the nose and paranasal sinuses

Surgery of the internal nasal, sinus and the external nose are a specialty of this practice.

Thus many years ago a very safe and minimally invasive surgical technique was introduced and developed here, which usually allows us, with the regular use of surgical microscopes and endoscopes, to avoid an annoying tamponade of the inner nose and sinus access. This approach allows a very short stay as an inpatient and promotes
rapid and reliable healing. This also reduces the postoperative pain to a minimum. The use of antibiotics can usually be avoided and the complication rate is extremely low.

Several years ago in a voluntary comparative study of Lower Saxony ENT clinics and departments it was assessed that our inpatient ward had one of the lowest complication rates of all participating ENT establishments.

In particular, surgery of the paranasal sinuses and the external nose requires a great deal of experience and continuous further training. Here international standards apply. The complexity of the aerodynamics of the inner nose has steadily promoted the trend to microsurgery for these structures and this must be respected and taken into account in the planning and execution of surgical interventions. Regular training and participation in high-profile national and international surgical courses, at home and abroad, is essential to maintain a high standard of quality.

Information before any operation!

Our patients are informed of their personal disease situation and we attach great importance to ensuring that the treatment options are explained and understood.


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